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Half Time?

So as I sit here, hyper aware I am approaching my 46th birthday later this year, it got me thinking (and hoping) that I could be just about to come out from the half time break ready to tackle the second half.

But it’ll only be half time if I get to grips with investing more time and care in myself.

At the time the ref blew in to their whistle to signifiy the break in play I am left to reflect on a 30yr drinking career in the bag; being overweight, suffering with high blood pressure, asthmatic challenges and a somewhat suspicious liver and I have to be honest it all has me worried. I feel like life is really starting to come together now and I don't want there to only be 15-20 years left to enjoy it all.

Just today I was saddened to read that Tom Sizemore, who I personally remember from Saving Private Ryan and Heat, has passed at the age of 61. I used to think being 60 meant you were old. But I look at 60 as the time I hope to start living my best life. Kids grown up; money in the bank and time to just enjoy life with my gorgeous wife. I do not want to be a statistic of one of those guys who died too young. Again earlier this week Steve Mackey from Pulp passed at just 56. It really does hit deep.

So it feels pertinent at this point in the game of life for a rousing half time team talk right?

Time to rally the troops.

Time to recognise that whilst we have come in at half time a couple of goals down, that with the right mental attitude, the right application in the right places, this game is far from over.

Having been sober now for a smidge over 5 months I’m really feeling so many more emotions than ever before. But whilst that’s sometimes very challenging it’s also very rewarding. I now have a clarity in my mind that would have previously been buried beneath the fog created by alcohol. AT the first sign of fear, anxiety or stress I would have popped open a bottle of wine and buried them. But now, without alcohol, I can see the game ahead and it’s absolutely there for the taking.

I’m up for the second half.

It’s got all the hallmakrs for one of those classic comebacks written all over it.

I have to invest in me to be the person my family needs and deserves to have.

So come on lad you've done the hard part giving up the booze. Now lets focus on upping your game with the diet and exercise.

Bring it on!

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